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Founded by MIT and Harvard graduates, ChipBrain designs the world's best communication-assitance AI to empower you with augmented empathy & persuasion in conversations. At ChipBrain, we are inventing a world where people from different backgrounds can more easily relate to one another: when solving an argument with a partner, when selling a product to a customer, when asking your boss for a raise.

top-1 accuracy
top-3 accuracy

ChipBrain adds more customer data + data augmentation, balancing, loss re-weighting techniques to bump performance up to 33% top-1 / 66% top-3 accuracy.


Sales Brain

Digital brain of your best sales rep.

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Sample of ChipBrain intent and emotion recognition



Improve your game as you have more conversations.

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Chipbrain AI Research (CAIR)

Learn more about our AI research and foundations.

Embodied Intelligence
EgoCom: A Multi-person Multi-modal Egocentric Communications Dataset
By Curtis Northcutt (ChipBrain), Cindy Zha (Facebook AI), Steve Lovegrove (Oculus Research), Richard Newcombe (Oculus Research)

Multi-modal datasets in artificial intelligence (AI) often capture a third-person perspective, but our embodied human intelligence evolved with sensory input from the egocentric, first-person perspective. Towards embodied AI, we introduce the Egocentric Communications (EgoCom) dataset to advance the state-of-the-art in conversational AI, natural language, audio speech analysis, computer vision, and machine learning.

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Diversity and Fairness
Comment Ranking Diversification in Forum Discussions
By Curtis Northcutt (ChipBrain), Kim Leon (Facebook Reality Labs), Naichun Chen (MIT)

On Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc... posts by the majority drown out minorities, simply because there are more people in the majority to upvote them. Learn more about how we solve this problem.

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Core Machine Learning
Confident Learning: Estimating Uncertainty in Dataset Labels
By Curtis Northcutt (ChipBrain), Lu Jiang (Google Research), Isaac Chuang (MIT)

ChipBrain models are trained with confident learning, a new field for machine learning with noisy labels invented by CTO during his PhD (2021) at MIT. Confident learning disambiguates aleatoric and epistemic uncertainty for state-of-the-art emotion understanding.

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Custom ChipBrain Hardware

Our CTO, Curtis Northcutt, PhD building custom deep learning GPU rigs in the early days of ChipBrain.

ChipBrain designs custom-built deep learning gpu rigs and hardware to train our proprietary empathy AI, emotional intelligence, and conversational AI models. Learn about our AI rigs


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